Creaturf® branded turf

At Family Turf Wholesalers, we offer turf customization in the Huntington Beach, CA area.

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Unlimited branding opportunity

Creaturf delivers graphics with five times higher clarity compared to other textile color processing machines and is unlike anything else available for artificial turf. Our 76 dpi high-definition print technology ensures precise lines, photorealistic detail, vivid color, and smooth gradients for beautiful logos and branding.

Patent Pending Innovation

“Our new Creaturf product is one of the most impressive that we’ve seen in terms of clarity and image quality available on artificial turf,” said Zane McDade, Regional Vice President for Shawgrass. “We took the success of a process used regularly from the flooring side of our business and built upon that idea to create a product option that will allow teams and businesses with turf solutions and branding opportunities.”

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