How to: Replicate Your Favorite Rooftop Bar Space at Home

Rooftop bars are a go-to hotspot for nights out on the town, but what about the nights you don’t want to go out? Thanks to the latest weatherproof flooring and furniture innovations, assuming that you have a roof space, you can have a rooftop bar yourself.

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Step One to Making a Custom Rooftop Bar

The first thing you need to make a rooftop bar is a flat surface. If you do not have a flat rooftop, a large second story balcony or patio may be the perfect entertaining space. However, prior to designing your space as a party platform, you have to call a contractor to inspect it and determine if the structural integrity is sufficient to withstand the mass of partygoers. The contractor will help you determine which rooftop bar materials you will need.

Step Two to a Rooftop Play Space

You now need to consider hiring an experienced local contractor to add any required support. Making sure your rooftop bar flooring can stand the weight is a requirement for success. The best floors for rooftop bars and patios will need to be strong enough to support the weight, construct the bar, have built-in seating and safety rails. Unless you’re a pro, this is not a project you’ll want to do yourself due to liability concerns. Also, keep in mind the weight of the new construction, furniture, and party guests, so you don’t exceed the safe maximum load of the supports of the rooftop space.

Step Three for an Amazing Rooftop Bar

Time to consider your flooring options. Slate and concrete are easy to maintain and durable but are also heavy and can put too much of a strain on your structure. One flooring option you may not have considered is artificial grass. Top-quality artificial grass can complement any décor while not adding substantial extra weight. The plus side is the look looks natural while giving you low-maintenance durability and functionality.

Step Four to Completing Your Home Rooftop Bar

Next, what you’ll need to consider is the electrical. You’ll need lights, sound, and connectivity accessible to your rooftop bar, but the wiring and electrical code is challenging for amateurs. Be sure to hire an expert electrician to wire up your rooftop bar to make sure your space is up to code and is safe for your guests. With all the above steps complete, the last consideration is when to have your first party.

Shawgrass Can Help You Design a Rooftop Bar Space at Home

Our synthetic turf is the ideal low-maintenance flooring for giving you an inviting outdoor entertaining space all year long. Check out our gallery to get inspired.